Permit General Information


A Permit is one form of an agreement that authorizes an individual or entity to access a Miami-Dade County operated Airport to engage in any business or commercial activity. This document is processed by the Permit Section of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department (MDAD).


A. Term: Permits are issued for a term of month-to-month not to exceed one year, but may be extended for a term of month-to-month for up to an additional year at the discretion of the Department.

B. Assignment and Transfer: Permits are issued solely to the individual or entity named on the Permit and may not be transferred, accessed, sold, traded, assigned, subcontracted or pledged. Permits are exclusively the property of MDAD. The rights and privileges granted by the Permit can be exercised only by the permittee, through its officers, partners and employees, and not by or through any other person, corporation or legal entity.

C. Subcontracted Work: No portion of the commercial activity allowed under a Permit shall be subcontracted unless MDAD has specifically approved such subcontract in writing. The subcontractor must perform the work under its own Permit separately obtained from MDAD to conduct such activities on the Airport.

D. Authorized Commercial Activities: The Permit holder may only engage in the scope of activities set forth in the Permit. Commercial activity beyond the scope specified in the Permit shall require a separate Permit.

E. Authorized Airport Customers: A permittee may only provide goods and/or services to the customers identified in the Permit. The Permit holder may not engage additional customers within the scope of its Permit, unless the contract between the permittee and every new customer is reviewed and specifically approved in writing by the MDAD Permit Section.


1. Applicants must be registered with the State of Florida Division of Corporations (Sunbiz) with an active status. Further, all Directors and Officers of the company must be registered with acting job titles.

2. Entities and/or individuals who are in arrears to the County on another contract, or non-compliant with applicable LDB and Living Wage requirements, are not eligible to receive a Permit.

3. All applicants must have a current fully executed contract/service agreement with each customer to whom goods or services will be provided at the Airport(s).

4. Applicants interested in providing aircraft demolition and/or aircraft detailing services at a Dade County Airport, must first obtain the preliminary Solid Waste Annual Operating Permit (IW5 permit) and the Certificate of Use issued by the Miami-Dade County Department of Regulatory and Economic Resources (RER). For information and assistance with this matter, please contact Ms. Claudia Flevaris with RER at 305-372-6868 or via e-mail at

5. The County reserves the right not to approve the Permit Application and the right not to execute the Permit.