1. Permit Application

a) A letter of agreement verification must be submitted by each current airport customer authorized under the Permit that will be extended. The letter must be provided on the customer’s stationary and it must be dated and signed.

NOTE: If the permittee engaged in business with additional customers after the issuance of the Permit that will be extended and the required agreement/contract with each additional customer was never submitted to the Permit Section, said agreement must also be provided at this time.

2. Certificate of Insurance

a) A Certificate of Insurance must be provided in compliance with Miami-Dade County Insurance Requirements. The Certificate must include the following:

 • Miami-Dade County must be included as an additional insured with respect to the Commercial General Liability Insurance.

 • Miami-Dade Aviation Department must be named as the Certificate Holder – P.O. Box 025504, Miami, Florida 22102-5504.

 • The Permit Number assigned to the company must be identified under the “Description of Operations.”

Sample Certificates of Insurance: Permit Agreement for General Services – MIA Permit Agreement for General Services – MIA

NOTE: The Certificate of Insurance must be provided electronically online.

3. Annual Drug-Free Workplace Affidavit

a) This Affidavit must be fully completed and executed by a Director/Officer registered with the Florida Division of Corporations.

b) This Affidavit must also be notarized.

4. Instructions for Submission of the required documents referenced above:

a) All documents must be submitted electronically online.